It’s Weekly Winners Time!


I missed last week, but I really didn’t take many shots..These are the ones that I have decided to share this week!

pine needles

J and Jack

my snow dog

where is he goin

winter wonderland on my street

For MORE…please go see Lotus at Sarcastic Mom!! If you take pictures please join every Sunday!


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  1. Did it really snow that much in St. Louis? Was a city-wide emergency declared? When I lived there I always giggled at how 1/2 inch of snow and the entire city ran to the store to stock up on milk.

  2. everybody has snow in their photos – not me! nice shots, btw. cute guy. cute dog. cold snow. *brrrr*

    Mine’s up – come by when you can!

  3. Poor puppy – can’t find a place to lift his leg out of the snow. Love the pictures. Your snow looks so much prettier than what’s outside my front door. Old snow gets kind of disgusting!

    Thanks for visiting me.

  4. Oh my goodness. THat last one!
    Amazing. We don’t get snow in Australia (at least not out here) so to see that really is surreal.

  5. Whoa….that’s a lot of snow. We haven’t seen that much snow around here in years. I’m jealous….looks great for sledding.

  6. Such a cute pooch. And at first when I saw the last one I was like, “oh, more snow” cause we have so much here in Montreal and this year especially, but I saw your comment and yes, that is quite significant. Cute poochie. Thanks for dropping by.

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