ALS Post..


I haven’t had a post talking about ALS in a long time; and that is horrible.
Everyone has a cause. Something that they feel strongly about, at least I hope so. It usually comes about because someone you know has a disease or died from one stupid thing or another. Breast cancer, prostate cancer..they may have lukemia, aides, lupus etc.
Mine is ALS. ALS took the life of one of my best friends in the whole world, Jim.

There have been movements in research. You can help by contacting your congressman. Check out this site. You can see what kind of things are happening.

ALS doesn’t have a target person. White people are usually effected more than black or asian. It strikes men and women both, usually not children. They haven’t figured out if it is passed along through a family but I’ve personally known where cousins and aunts and uncles have all had the disease. You cannot prevent ALS and you can’t stop it from killing. That really needs to change. At least with something like cancer there is hope.. ALS sometimes effects people differently, symptoms play out a little different.

My friend Jim had back issues and has speach problems. His doctor ruled out everything else. I remember having a conversation where he told me he was praying it was a brain tumor, anything but ALS. It was so difficult to realize my friend was inside this shriviling body who couldn’t speak. I wonder though with all the drugs how aware he really was. I’ll never know. He left behind a beautiful daughter that looks like him and a wife who is lost without him…and many, many friends.

If you read this today and learned something that is good. If you do something about it that is great.


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  1. Thanks was horrible. He was diagnosed 9/10/2001… then the next day the idoits rammed a plane in the WTC… I don’t know which one hit me harder.

  2. I’m so sorry about your friend.

    It was nice to see your comment – we’ll have to make a point of saying ‘hi’ at the walk next year? My sister-in-law Justine was one of the organizers last year.

  3. I guess blogger didn’t take my comment a few days ago. 😦 And I don’t remember what I said but I went and looked around the ALS site. It sounds sad.

    I left a little award for you on blog today. 🙂 XO

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