A little bit of information for you


It’s a linky day..stuff that I think you should read. Well maybe not SHOULD read but if you are looking for things to read..her are some suggestions:

First off..Shopping for furniture? Don’t go here..unless you want “throw away” furniture that a company can’t stand by.

My favorite fake Canadian Family are Jon the dentist, Elly, Elizabeth, Grandpa, Iris etc… Read todays strip. Grandpa lost Grandma and then fell in love again w/ Iris..who the family has really learned to love. Grandpa had a stroke and Iris has been awesome..this just really makes you think.

Idiot..selfish bastard… Read this story, it makes most idiot men stories seem trivial.

Val’s husband is in China. I found her post VERY interesting. I think I’d like to go there once just to see.

My friend Biddy has been having some SERIOUS back issues. Check out her descriptive post..WITH pictures!

Slouching Mom cracked me up…if you have children, or PETS in the house you know what it’s like when you are in the potty..especially when you are sick!

Are you guys getting a laugh here everyday? I know that I am. Post Secret VS Icanhascheezeburger…

I sold my first item on Zazzle!! I sold a coffee mug w/ Rocky the cat on it!. I made $3.67!! That is so exciting. I really should get creative and put more things on there.

I have always believed something would happen to me like this story. Where fate would jump in. Did you see this? Wow.

One more time..if you are looking for something to read and you like knights and castles. Please read Ken Follet!
If you want a laugh, Janet Evanovich has out a new book..not part of the series but it will hold you over.

Read Read Read~!~


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