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Well that’s what Randy Jackson says… First off thanks for allowing me to hop up on my soapbox yesterday 🙂 and thanks for your kind words.

I came up with a brilliant idea, I was going to make the title of my posts songs..but then I couldn’t think of one..so I quoted Randy Jackson. You see Idol last night? I liked the single dad and his pony tail kid..he was good!

Here is what is going on…

Heath Ledger is dead..and you all know this cause it was on every news medium EVER know to man. That sucks, he was good.

Yesterday I was SLAMMED at work then I went to the grocery store and then a meeting at Drew’s school. I was the only parent in attendance..J was w/ Drew at soccer skills, his mom was home w/ a sick baby and his step dad at work..SO I went to school. They had a meeting about kids and the Internet. It was SO interesting. They talked about how most jobs that the kids will have are not even created yet. They also talked about how the Internet is where they hang..and we can’t get all parental with them because that is their only non-controlled place to be anymore. Drew’s school teaches them about creating a user name that is gender neutral..and how they need to keep their on line places password protected. They talked about cyber-bullying and how most if it comes from girls. They also talked about how high the number is of kids that lie about their age on line..they said it was a bit of a reverse thing..Kids don’t want to say they are 12 so they aren’t a target for pedophiles, but then they mark that they are 34. LOL.. Things to discuss with the kids. I know that I stay on top of things more than any of Drew’s other parents. We watch You Tube together and he knows all about eBay and my blog and flickr..he is well informed. He is 8 and is on an only community at Webkinz and the Penguin one..which I can’t think of. I think it’s key to know where they are on line.
After the computer talk we got report cards. He doesn’t get grades yet..but his remarks will all average and above average. 🙂
I got home around 8:30..we watched Idol and that was about it.

I love my cousin but she was in the newspaper for a bad reason.. This is the article..changed to protect her identity from the people that didn’t see the article..
Police seek woman in Hill, elsewhere

Julie Daron. Aka Julie Miller

Tuesday, January 22, 2008 4:51 PM CST

City police are warning people in The Hill neighborhood and elsewhere to watch for Julie Daron, also known as Julie Miller

According to an e-mail sent out by police Second District Public Affairs Officer Don the woman walks The Hill and preys upon older residents, aggressively begging for money and food. She tends to take advantage of people’s kindness, Don said in the e-mail.

She is known throughout the area because of family ties, Don wrote.People who see her are asked to call 911 immediately. She is wanted under her married name. People should call police and not other relatives of the woman, Don wrote.
Isn’t that sad? She’s around 4 years older than me..I used to look up to her, she was BEAUTIFUL. Drugs got the best of her. She has 3 beautiful children who are pulled in every direction..I feel so bad for them too.
J saw her around Christmas and she was walking in the rain. He drover her to an apartment. I saw her in October..told her I loved her and told her to take care of herself. I’ve asked her aunt if there is anything MORE going on than the above cause I know that with just the above information there is no way in hell that I’m calling 911. We’ll see.

OK..back to the old grind. I have to take dad to the funeral parlor tonight, old man..friend of the family died. fun fun fun…


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  1. How strange that she is wanted by the police for begging, and that they specifically say to NOT call the family, and to only call the police. There must be something else she is wanted for. Maybe they don’t want to tip her off.

  2. Sounds something.
    Ok I gotta ask..how old are her kids? are THEY taken care of? if they are in FOster care, a GOOD relative will have priority….??? Maybe thats something you could do??????

    The internet thing:
    I was in this leadership thing for the County last year, and Dr Chou spoke about “the world is flat” for our kids.
    Thats a really cool Globailzation video …explains how much is changing so Fast!! we are currently training students as freshmen that will be obsolete by the time they graduate
    1 out of 8 couples married last year met on line
    The # of text messeges sent and rec’d every day outnumber people on the planet
    weeks worth of NYT is more than most people saw in a lifetime in 1800’s
    ..the ONLY way that expert guy I saw said OUR kids are going to make it…is by innovation, artistic ness (movies, video games etc)

  3. kris: They started the parent meeting with that video you are talking about. The teacher had been to a seminar at U of Illinois and that was part of their teaching as well.

    I think the kids are 12,10,8..there was another given up for adoption..he was 1/2 black..obviously not her husbands..the hooking did that..
    Her aunt/dad/mom etc tried to get custody of the kids but they were given to their father. He sends them to school..she visits with them and their immediate family sees them too. They have to still be effected by this. The dad is clean from what I know but he doesn’t have lots of money…I caught him once at the gas station taking ciggerate butts out of the ashtray outside and putting them in his pocket, I can tell he was embarrased..and he came from a VERY privledged life.. SO sad…they started out so storybook..

  4. I’m sorry your cousin is suffering like that! It’s very painful for families to watch things like that happen.

    I hope the police find her, bring her to safety and maybe she’ll get well!

    Chin up!

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