Me and my Bad Loquacious Self


Lisa told me yesterday that I was being quite loquacious lately. I LOVE that word, almost as much as juxtoposition. The problem with loquacious is that I am the WORST speller in the world so I never even tried to use it..NOW I have it in Lisa’s comments to I can cut and pates… loquacious loquacious loquacious loquacious loquacious.. That was fun.
And yes, I have been a bit chatty Cathy lately.. I’m not quite sure why.
And click on Lisa’s link there..she takes the most AWESOME there are some cute little mice..yes you heard me correctly.

Bri left me this comment yesterday:
OMG, you’re one of THOSE people. 😉 You American Idol weirdo, you!

Well Bri: Yes I am! And that is what we are going to talk about today!
I have to begin by saying that I wasn’t ALWAYS and American Idol weirdo (to quote Bri).
I remember Year 1.. My friend L that I worked with was always gushing about Frenchie and Kelly and OMG I should watch this show. I never did. Then I remember telling my loving husband (who I was living in sin with at the time).. OMG that American Idol TV show is doing a concert. They are going to be at the TWA Dome. Can you imagine paying money to watch people from a talent show sing, OMG!! How Stupid Is THAT?
Year 2… This was the year that Clay and Ruben were on. Again people all around me talking about how Clay was gonna win, Clay was gonna win.. Foxes Most Watched TV SHOW.. So you know what. I watched the final episode. The big black guy won and I thought, Hmmm he doesn’t sound so bad..kinda Barry White but not as good.
Year 3.. This is the year of Fantasia.. J started watching and he thought the auditions were hysterical..I on the other hand had NCIS on and I was NOT going to watch that. At the time we did not have a dvr. I did watch the end of the show…I was SO routing for Jennifer Hudson.
Year 4.. The year starts and I remember watching right was our little family time. J spots Carrie in the St Louis audition..they did a bio of her and he says.. “That is it, that is the winner!”.. I have to give him credit, he called it from the begining. We had hometown by Nikko Smith in the competition and I was in love with Constantine. We watched the entire show..and guess what. We decided since we loved all the people so much this year that we would check out the concert. OMG..we sat in nosebleeds and I screamed like the little girls that were all around me.
Year 5: Again, we watched the entire season. By this time Drew is in on the act. This is the year of Chris Daughtrey, Bucky, Kellie, Katherine and Taylor.. and of course the lovely Mandisa.
We went to the concert this year and we brought Drew with us. His first concert!
Year 6: The production of the show went down hill..IMO..I didn’t care when people were booted cause I didn’t KNOW THEM…there were no bio’s.. I liked the contestants but hated the themes..they were bringing people on the show to boost sales on their new releases. Dumb.
Drew decided that he wanted to be a beat boxer like Blake Lewis.. We went to the concert.
This year we also went to the Daughtry concert.

So here we are: Year 7
Last night were the Philly auditions. So far MUCH better than last year. The black girl football player made me cry..the Dork Star Wars Fan made me laugh…the Oregon girl that does cage fighting was hot and she could sign…the black guy that sang Uncle Kraker was awesome.
Moving on to Dallas tonight. Hollywood is when it gets better.
So yes Bri..I have BECOME one of those people!! LOL

FYI..I have 2 blogs that I read durning American Idol time…
Jennifer and Dave


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  1. I’m glad you liked being called Loquacious. 🙂 Can you share some of your energy with me? I could sure use some right about now. We haven’t seen the sun in days and seems I always get draggy when that happens. 🙂

    Hey! THANX! Thank you SO SOSOSOSO much for the nomination. 🙂 I’ve never been nominated before and this looks like fun!

  2. I hate to admit it but I watch AI during auditions to catch all the stupid people cause it makes me laugh and then….well, I get hooked.

  3. I’m a big fan too. No need to be ashamed… And you’re right, last year did kinda suck. Hope we get some really good talent and better production this year!

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