What is going on..


I should be proactive and do some stuff..I really haven’t done alot..just what I need to do.. Bad MP

Slow days though give me time to think..which gives me time to blog. Some of you enjoyed “what’s going on”… So for you busy busy mom’s especially that don’t have time to read the news I’ll tell you all what I think you should know..both local, national, worldwide and most importantly personally.

Let’s start with me, OK?

We did NOT get Jack’s manhood wacked..we had Jeep issues and J said he would MUCH rather I take the dog, so that way if he dies during surgery it’s on me.. He doesn’t want to get him fixed..well it’s not J’s Head that the dog is humping at 4am..it’s mine! So I need to reschedule that.

I made a kick ass roast on Saturday..got 3 meals out of it, I was pretty proud of myself. I disagree w/ Pioneer Woman..I think you need to roast the little red potatoes w/ the meat..then spray button on them w/ a little salt.. Humm. I just take a huge ass roast, salt and pepper it..I stick it in a crock pot/roaster on high…before putting in the meat I put a little EVOO on the bottom..then I set it in their fat side up. I drizzle some worchestershire sause and fill it half way up with water (salt is already added so you really don’t need broth). I cook on high a couple hours..then put more water in…and plop in some potatoes and carrots..stick the lid back on and cook it a few more hours. Then I cut it..good for sandwhiches or anything. YUM.. I often use onions and garlic..but w/ J coming off weeklong sick I decided not to add those things…it was still yummy.

Drew is playing indoor soccer. Last week was his first game, he liked it..THIS weekend he scored 2 goals…count them with me.. ONE, TWO!! The first one he just had a big ole boot on it and blasted it, he surprised even himself. I tell you those games are FUN.. I can’t wait til he gets older and the teams are even more competitive. He starts Chess lessons this week and soccer “training” next week. Boy’s got some stuff going on. This coming weekend Boy Scouts are going to California Pizza Kitchen..I hope they feed us.

If you hadn’t noticed from the previous posts I’m starting to scan old pictures.. It’s been fun.. BUT it’s a pain in the butt cause the scanner is on the floor next to the computer table..up down up down…aggghhh.. The area is a bit too small for a side table..guess I’ll live.

OK..let’s go local news.. I have been messing around with my commute to work.. Doing awesome now. I shortened my morning commute by 5 miles and 10 minutes..better than before the highway shut down. They are tearing bridges and overpasses down left and right. I really need to get over there and take some pictures. When I was little and they build Highway 44; Dad and I used to ride up the on ramp and ride our bikes on the highway.

Skipping to World News: Smurf’s are celebrating their 50th Anniversary! Yes, I too thought they started in the 80’s..it was actually 1958..go figure!

TV News: Next Sunday is the finale of The Amazing Race.. what an awesome show. I’m so glad that bitch Jenn got knocked off, I was sick of her.
I tried watching that Lonesome Dove/Commanche mini series..BORING… I’m glad I only wasted about 15 minutes of my time..then I switched over and caught some Jon and Kate plus 8.. THAT is quaility TV.

Jamie Oliver LOST to Mario Batalli in Iron Chef America..they did this fish I never heard of. Jamie should have won..just for that cute little lisp AND a British accent.

The Golden Globes sucked..almost as bad as the People’s Choice awards. I don’t even know half these TV shows…and some of those actors..I was very confused. I sure hope the Academy Awards will get to have a real show..damn writers strike.

Brit Brit didn’t show for court today. Either she doesn’t really like being a mom..or she is totally wigged out and should be committed.

Hillary and Barak are classing over race…that is what the headline was. Something about an MLK quote..I don’t care enough to research more.

A bunch of celebrities birthed babies…Nicole Richie had a girl, Christina had a boy and Courtney Thorne Smith had a boy..

In old news; twins married each other in England. OK..it can happen. Why in the hell would you split up TWINS when giving them up for adoption?? Who does that?

The pope did a baptism this weekend for the staff of the Vatican..and he did the mass backwards..like as in Pre Vatican II… what’s next? Latin? Women off the alter? Only male alterboys.. This guy scared me.

In sporting news the Cardinals got rid of Scottie the hottie who had a bum shoulder for a boy named Troy from Canada w/ bad feet. Oh joy. Spring Training starts in a couple months!


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  1. Whoa…a lot of news and info to comprehend in one sitting. But I must comment on Amazing Race. Jenn is a big pain in the ass, and my husband thinks that she and I are exactly alike. Um, okay. Thanks for saying that I’m a pain in the ass, GR. I can’t wait for the finale next Sunday! Although, I’m kind of torn as to who I want to win. I’m so bad with names, but I’m thinking that I want Chris and her father to win. They’re kicking some boot-ay!

  2. LuLu..I like all three..I love Chris and her dad..but I love the boy and his Grandpa too..and then the couple that seems stoned all the time is great..he’s kinda sexy. Tell GR to check himself at the door..calling LuLu a bitch! Man.. She does have good ta ta’s..maybe he is refering to that, how ironic they got booted on her bday!

    Dolce..you are working too hard if you haven’t been to Perez YET!

  3. jamie oliver is my 5th baby daddy…love him!

    you know, in all my culinary glory, i’ve never cooked a roast. and i don’t own a crock pot. please don’t tell moosh!

    brit needs to be institutionalized for a year. or ten…

    the newish pope scares me too and i’m not even catholic. did you know i was blessed by what’s his name? john paul II? was that it? the pope before this pope. yeah, him.

    as for the amazing race, i soooo hope the grandad and grandson win!

  4. Biddy..I saw JPII (you were correct) in Colorado at World Youth Day.. I was a chaperon. He was SO SO SO SO awesome. He was an awesome leader.

  5. re hillary and barak: oh how the media blows things up. and they had done such a relatively good job on the race/gender issues until now. note: it is NOT racist for a white person to give another white person credit for advances in civil liberties/race relations.

  6. Jack escaped – go Jack go!

    You have been extremely loquacious lately. 🙂 I have tons of thoughts in my head too, just am having trouble getting them out. 🙂

  7. I too LOVE potato’s in the roast…they get Yummy, not at all like PW said. I remember EVERY Sunday as a kid we had this…with cabbage too although I didn’t eat that. ..then…fry onions and add meat for barbeque the following day.
    As a Foster/Adoptive advisor type, I about PUKED when I read about the twins…how bizarre, and yes WHY WHY WHY would anyone break up twins. Don’t put a dime in me, you will get me started about Foster Care and Adoption issues.
    as a former Parole/Probation agent, MANY people use MJ to self medicate for undiagnosed Mental Illness, and I’d MUCH rather have a dopehead coming at me than someone drunk.

    I would LOVE to have dinner with you, except the St. Louis I’m teaching in is MICHIGAN…boo hoo!!!

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