MP and Sr Rosario


MP and Sr Rosario
Originally uploaded by mpkillmer

This is my 8th grade front of church w/ my favorite nun, Sr Rosario. Please admire my flipped and feathered hair..VERY cool for 1981..I look at this and remember I thought I was SO fat…


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  1. Love the 8th grade graduation. We don’t have that around here, but we were in Arizona when my daughter finished 8th grade. It’s such a big, important day for them. Nearly as big as the high school graduation. I think we should institute it in our area.

  2. I SO wanted the feathered and flipped hair. And I tried but nobody could ever cut it right. I wanted Kristy McNichol hair! Lol!

    BTW, in your next post, I remember *very* similar shirts 🙂

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