Sunday Weekly Winners


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Here are my favorite pictures from this past week..they were all taken on Sunday of last week!
J wasn’t feeling well and it was a BEAUTIFUL day. Drew, Jack and I headed off to the park. I actually played football. (don’t laugh too hard) then I told Drew to go play that I was going to take some pictures…he said, “Don’t you want to take pictures of me!?”..the boy has a love affair with the camera..and the camera loves him too…
Enjoy my day…

drew black and white

ill lick your hand

gimme a kiss

drew posed

blue jean boy

drew at the park

fixing his shoe


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  1. Cute pictures, but you have me the willies with that one of the dog licking him. I don’t know how kids (or anyone else) can let a dog do that. ICK! LOL

  2. He is a cutie pie that little man. How photogenic!And adorable shots with the dog, not much on Earth cuter than a boy with his doggie.

  3. What a little ham??? I can just see him asking to get his picture taken. And the POSES! OMG! You should get together with (you know who) and find a modeling agency.

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