Jury Duty Round 2


AWESOME storm last night..rain lingered through the morning.
With my umbrella I walked to the courthouse in the rain..and I sat and read..then I went to the bathroom..I read some more, went to the vending machine and got a water..ate a granola bar..then what happened??? I read some more…
Eventually they let us all go home..they didn’t call any panels at all!!

$24…2 days and I read my book…

FYI: I finished The Pillars of the Earth..LOVED it!
Now I’m reading World Without End..I also love this. I forgot how much I like Ken Follett’s work…

Back to work tomorrow morning!!


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  1. Ken Follet ROCKS! Probably one of my fave authors! Sorry to hear that jury duty has not been more exciting!

    I meant to comment on the smoker’s lounge thing as well! Not about the smoking but that you folks can all still smoke indoors in any public building! Here in the Northern part of North America….not so much. Smokers must go outside!

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