What day is it??


Oh right… It’s FRIDAY!?!?!

Holidays just confuse the heck out of me..then when you through in a vacation day..Man on man I don’t know if I’m coming or going.

SO..I bring you MP Movie Review!

Waterhorse: Do NOT bring pre-kindergarten children to this movie. It will scare them a little and it will bore the socks off of them. DO go with your primary and up children..although children are not required. If you like stories of the Loch Ness Monster then you will love this movie. It is the story of Angus, a young buy living with his mother and sister in the servants quarters of a beautiful house in Scotland. WWII soldiers move in as well as a new handy man. Angus only dreams of the Sea and his daddy who is away fighting in the war. Angus though cannot swim and is terrified yet mesmerized by the water. During an afternoon collecting shells Angus finds an odd shell/rock/egg. This of course hatches and The Water Horse is born. The story is a bit predictable and does run a full 2 hours. I am glad that we saw it. Drew was VERY excited about the Water Horse/Monster and wondered what else we haven’t told him about. Last night we spent quite a while reading stories on the Internet of Yeti, Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster.

I have a new favorite wine! White Truck. Have you people heard of this before?
It is smooth, dry, NO after bite…AND it’s $8.99 a bottle at my grocery store! My in laws are all white wine drinkers, I turned them on to it too!

I’m trying to decide what kind of End Of Year Hoopla I want to do… Any ideas??


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