My Christmas Vacation by MP


* Friday night was a quick Target run, then home to get ready for the party at the country club. You saw the pics..I got to dress up and eat AWESOME food. Here is what happened next.

  • Saturday morning we started the day quite lazy. Then we did some power shopping. We headed out to Macy’s at the mall..then did some mall shopping. We purchased gifts and I also found some SUPER SKETCHERS…that I love. Now they weren’t my fake fur lined Croc’s but I’ll get those later. As we were leaving the shoe store I started to feel faint..and I was sweating like a pig. Don’t know what that was all about, must have been since it was day #2 of that time of the month. Then we headed off to Best Buy. We found some games and got some gift cards.
  • Saturday night I got gussied up in my outfit from the country club. J and I headed off to one of the best restaurants in the city. We had a gift certificate that was going to expire on Christmas Day. SO we valet parked the car and were seated. It was the right amount of romantic, noisy, great service and awesome food. I got embarrassed though, in my previous life I was quite the bar whore. So the waiter looks at me puzzled and says, “Are you in the industry?” I said, “No, I just used to go to the after hours bars”…you know the places where all the wait staff and cooks go after the restaurant closes. Nice.. Our bill for dinner for the two of us was $160.00 before tip. Thank goodness we had a gift certificate.
  • Sunday morning I took Dad and my aunt to church. Then I went and got us lunch. We did some more shopping and I retired to the bedroom and watched TV. As I’m laying in bed we hear this LOUD crashing.. J tells me to get some shoes on and call 911. I’m all, “wtf?” We get outside and all the neighbors are out there. There was a domestic dispute behind us and the man drove his 4×4 through the yard into the alley..dragging a dumpster out into the street, breaking another neighbors trampoline and smashed his girlfriend’s car before fleeing. She (the girlfriend) was in the yard crying trying to get her car started. By the time the police came she had left and he was nowhere to be found. That was our real excitement of the day. This was the time we should have been wrapping gifts, we didn’t. We rested, then watched Amazing Race.
  • Christmas Eve we had more shopping to do. We finished that, went to Lion’s Choice and got dressed for church. I went and picked up mom and dad for church. We had the walker/cane action going for both old people. I got them in their pew at 3:30 for 4:30 mass. By 4pm it was standing room only. A dad and his 1 year old were sitting next to J, they were SO cute..the little guy was a doll!! Not a peep out of him. My..I was choking on the incense. Next stop was back to mom and dads..walker/cane action again. They had to go to the bathroom before we went out. Then we get to my cousins…walker/cane/wheelchair. Oh yea, that was fun. We get mom parked in a chair and she was all good. We had 1 cat, 4 dogs and around 30 people. We had an awesome ham dinner and lots of goodies. Near fiasco getting mom back into the car. It took a village to get them loaded up. I got home around 11pm and J and I started wrapping gifts, we finished at 2am.
  • Christmas morning I had a coffee, some gooey butter cake and wrapped the rest of the gifts for the day. We then went out to Drew’s mom’s house. We had a Disney Princess baby doll for Drew’s little sister. She is a year and a half. She LOVED her baby doll. That was FUN. I love getting little girl gifts!! We got home and Drew opened his gifts from Santa that were left at our house. He deemed this the best Christmas ever. J is very depressed that this is more than likely the last Santa Christmas. He is 8… After the opening of the gifts there was no time to play. We dropped Jack off at mom and dad’s and then loaded the old people back in the car. Off we were to J’s Aunt’s house. Walker/cane/Wheel chair again . Mom got settled and soon we were eating again. Chicken Devan..Yumm. And my new favorite wine is White Truck. VERY dry white wine w/ no bitter aftertaste. LOVE IT! A very special treat was that J’s Aunt and Uncle got a new pair of kitties. Ike and Tina are two little black and white kitties who loved me most of all. We loaded mom and dad in the car then headed home. Now we are hungry again, as you may have noticed grocery shopping was not on the list, we had no food at home. We realized at 7pm Christmas evening Jack in the Box is open. We got food and Drew began to play with ALL of his Christmas gifts. He allowed himself 10 minutes per gift…and still didn’t get through everything. I went to bed..cause I am the stupid person that didn’t ask for this week off work. 12:30 J wakes me up, he couldn’t find the gift cards for his sister that we’re going to see tomorrow. Of course they were where he left them. I went back to sleep. 2:00am ish the phone rings again. luckily J heard the phone. Mom fell getting into bed. So we get Drew up and head over there. OMFG..I didn’t think we were going to be able to lift her without pulling her arm out of the socket. We did it..and MAN my back is killing me now. I don’t think she injured anything…but we were really close to having to call 911. For the 2nd time in a couple days. I got home and tossed and turned and watched 3:45 am go by…when that alarm went off at 6am I was NOT a happy camper….
  • So here I am. There is NO work to be done, even being proactive is a moot point since the majority of people in the industry are closed all week.

So, Christmas is officially over and I plan to be more prepared next year. I’m going to schedule a massage to help cure my aching back. I should have pics this weekend.


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  1. Ummm… “Merry Christmas?” 😉

    It sounds to me like you did well all the way around. I hope you’re able to get more sleep tonight. “That time of the month” + running around + no sleep can be rough!

  2. I love that line, “are you in the industry?”. My past life catches up with me in the weirdest most inconvenient places!!
    SO glad to hear about the difficulty of sleep and “that time of the month”…I FREAK out every month..its getting Very bad…I may as well just stay up all night instead of being frustrated.
    and the white trash neighbor story!! LOL

  3. Just wanted to let you know that Boxing Day is our day to shop. It’s the day when all the stores reduce their goods alot and people get nuts. It’s the holiday that is equivalent to your Thanksgiving “Black Friday”. Only retail works on boxing day, everything else is closed and for us it’s a stat holiday.
    Sounds like you had a busy Christmas Day!

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