As the clock ticks down


Well I’ve read everyone’s blogs, eaten my lunch..done my work. Now I’m sitting here. I have read TMZ..Yahoo News..listened to Christmas songs…
Jeremy is sick..but he’s picking me up early from work and I’m going to get some laundry done and get ready for the party. J’s not I have to go by myself:-(

Tomorrow we have to do power shopping and get everything finished up. THEN we have a fancy dinner to go’s a gift certificate that expires on’s for $100 so we HAVE to use it. Neither of us is thrilled we have to dress up..I would have perferred Steak N Shake gift certificates…you know what I mean. BUT can’t look the gift horse in the mouth.

I’ve purchased an on line Christmas present..chocolates.

I’ve played UNO on my DS.. YES my’s pink. I let Drew borrow it so it was in my purse.

So now I’m sitting here. Believe it or not the phone keeps ringing…stupid customers.


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