Damn Kids


Jamie-Lynn…What in the hell were you thinking? Were you using birth control? Do you not see the mess that is your sister and LEARN something? Boy’s in college now..what are you going to do, marry him? Is he wanting the spotlight?
Aagghhh.. What am I supposed to tell my 8 year old step-son that LOVES you?? “Zoey 101 is cancelled cause the little Zoe couldn’t keep her coochy closed?”.. For crying out loud.

Pot smoking kid: You have a dad cool enough to buy you video games for Christmas. Why are you smoking pot?? Why are you smoking pot at your dad’s house??

The Flying Tomato: Get drunk and set of fire extinguishers. That seems like a GREAT idea! Aren’t you old enough to know better?


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  1. Ok, the pot smoking kid story was funny! I like what the dad says he might get his kid instead. I feel bad for him though… the dad. After all that work.

    But what’s the lesson to be learned here? Is it really “don’t smoke pot”? Because I think things turned out pretty darned good here *because* of the kid smoking pot!

  2. I had read the first two and wow dad made out on son’s mistake there. I bet you dad is going to celebrate now. πŸ™‚ Can’t believe Brit’s sister didn’t learn a thing from her but I hadn’t really thought about the little kids that liked the show. 😦

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