the weather outside is frightful…


Well..not outside my house. This icy stuff is all around me. If I were going anywhere it would be like an ice rink. Right here though we are full of fog, mist and drizzely stuff. It’s quite lovely…really helps with that whole holiday spirit. At least a little ice would be wintery. Yesterday it was like San Frickin Cisco around here..visibility was horrible. I think it was around 50 degrees. I have no idea why, it may be that we are surrounded by rivers. Mississippi to the East, Missouri to the North and West and the Mississippi and Meremac to the West and South. We’re one of those places that if there was ever the big huge earthquake and the bridges all collapsed we would be locked in place..we’d need boats to get anything from the outside word.
A million people are without power in other places in the midwest..areas where Drew played soccer this summer/fall are now under layers of ice. Wierd how that happens.

Mom is driving me fruit about Christmas. I have a feeling this will be one of those years where I’m going to have to cart her around and not see Drew and Jeremy until the evening. Doesn’t seem fair does it.


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  1. we’ve had a bitchload of fog too! what’s the dang deal!? and i still can’t believe we got like 8 inches of snow (4 inches 2 different days) before you got any!

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