Weekly Winners


Weekly Winners Photo Meme… Check out the link on the side. Sign up!! Lotus Organizes..Quite simple. I’m posting since it’s after midnight. Had a yummy dinner out with friends..Jack is w/ my mom and dad and it’s darn quite in here tonight!

These are my photos of the week that I am proud of!

Drew at the Academy Christmas Program

Drew had his Christmas Pagent today..they wore their dress uniforms. I tried to upload a video but blogger is gay.

Chocolate Fountain

I went to a girl ornament exchange party last night..they had a chocolate fountain..I stuck my head underneath..really I did..it was yummy!

sleetie kinda snow

First snow of the year..it lasted a half second and turned to sleet..in 12 hours it was all melted.
364 bridge at Sunset

I used a technique and cropped this beautiful sunset last Tuesday..before the cold weather..

Creve Coeur Lake

This is my MOST favorite!! It really looked like this…


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  1. Oooo I love that last picture. So very cool. Your boy is adorable, and I believe I’d have been under that fountain for the duration of the get together.

    Great weekly winners!!

    Secret Agent Mama

  2. Those sunsets are incredibly gorgeous, and yes, I agree with your choice of the last one. You step-son looks so proud and happy, like it’s a very special moment for him. Cute kid, must be popular with the girls. 🙂

  3. Cute boys, Chocolate fountains and “Scarecrow”. It just doesn’t get any better than this!!
    The local women’s shelter had a dinner that…well let’s face it..was an open bar and 10 different kinds of chocolate. Included was a fountain with stuff to spear and dunk…Rice krispy treat little bitty squares, marshmallows, salty pretzels, pineapple, cherries, OH man…I got sick…I’m SURE it was from the Sugar OD and not the open bar!!

    Word Verification: txuxyv= how good son looked in dress uniform!!

  4. That last picture would look so lovely blown up and framed on my chocolate brown dining room walls! How do you feel about that?
    Absolutely LOVELY chocolate fountain! I totally understand putting the head right in there!
    And Drew….well he’s ever so handsome in his nice crisp white shirt,shiny red tie and killer smile!! Look out MP…he’s gonna be a handful!

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