here it comes….


MAYBE we will have some winter weather today. I say maybe because it seems like everytime all of the TV channels and weathermen agree on something then nothing happens. About 75 miles north of us are supposed to get 2-4 inches of snow this afternoon. We on the other hand are supposed to get rain, ice, sleet and some mushy snow from 3/4:00 – 10pm tonight. So…what does that mean? It means that everyone will have forgotten how to drive in rush hour traffic. The grocery stores are going to have people packed getting french toast ingrediants. Schools nearby are going to have an early release..I just know that is going to happen.

Ohio/PA/NY..these people know how to deal with snow because they get alot of it. MO/AK/OK…not so much. North of us gets snow all the time. The last decade or so we’re lucky to get one snow a year. WHY..cause we get the flipping ice storms. The weather pattern of recent years leaves us in this winter limbo. I hate it. I almost would rather be somewhere warm like AZ..but not really. I would just love to have to purchase some snow boots and make angels in the snow…not try to navigate my front steps so I don’t wipe out and fall on my ass. Couple years ago I broke my wrist catching my fat ass falling on the ice. I do NOT want that to happen again.

OK..I haven’t had a good weather rant in a while. I’ll come back and update later this afternoon and let you know what happened.


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  1. I hate the winter weather…ick ick ick. Maybe if I had no where to be then let it snow, but commuting and the rest of the crap…I’ll take heat and humditiy anyday.

  2. i feel ya girl. the slightest sign of winter weather and the people here lose about 45 IQ points. In january they cancelled school 4 times!

  3. Uh, try living in Georgia if you think MO/AK/OK is bad. The mere mention of a freaking snow flurry sends people into a complete grocery store panic. And the schools close.

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