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I haven’t been reading my novel at ALL. I am reading The Rhett Butler Story.
I have TV to watch now that the DVR has been working.

I have SO much blog reading to catch up on. Usually by 11am on a Monday I’m caught up from the weekend…NOT AT ALL.. plus I need to catch up on my Sunday Meme pictures..

I need to catch up w/ my Flickr palls too…and I need to figure out if we are going to order Christmas cards or things w/ Drews latest pictures.

I didn’t do any shopping of record this weekend. I really need to just go..I couldn’t get J to go with me last week so I didn’t go. We went by the mall yesterday cause his mom was getting his and his sisters pictures taken..OMG it was a mess.

OH..and YES MIZZOU GOT SCREWED!!! Royally. I agree they didn’t play well against Oklahoma..we were missing Chase C. But please Kansas got a BCS Bowl…how pitiful is that..they were playing a JV schedule. Please…
We had a great time though we put up J’s mom’s Christmas tree and she made chili. Drew watched the game with us even though we had his Wii hooked up upstairs… he is Oh…40% interested in the game the other 60% drawing attention to himself. We’re listening to the commentary (onesided) during the game and Drew breaks out into Rudolf or Silver Bells…Ahhh..good times.

For you TV hounds like myself: TNT Tonight…Yes I’m telling you to skip Samantha Who tonight. WHY you ask. Brand New Saving Grace and then a 2 hour episode of The Closer. I am SO psyched!!


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  1. Who is this Mizzou and why are they fornicating in front of someone singing Christmas carols?

    Sounds like my house. Weird and wonderful.

    Thanks for popping over to my blog. I lurve the idea of the tampon angels on the Bathroom Tree. Somehow I think it may be a little hard to explain to Boo’s teachers when he decides to share the information!


  2. Kelley is FUNNY… Mizzou would be a college football team and they didn’t get penitrated/screwed.. it was a figure of talk 🙂 LOL

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