Reaching Deep Down for that Holiday Spirit


Ok…I have been complaining about trying to get into the holiday mood of things. So far we have a tree in the foyer..I little plug in jobby, you may have seen my picture of it up on the blogger header.

I have been listening to Holly 103 and Traditional 104 on my drive home every day.

Ummmm and I’ve been thinking about it alot. J and I discussed Christmas plans last night, that is a step in the right direction.

When we were at my MIL’s house we talked about how during the holidays we never get to do what WE want to do. It always seems that we are trying to please someone else. My MIL asked me; “well what do YOU want to do”. I had to stop and think about that. No one has ever ASKED me what I wanted. I don’t know what I want. Maybe that is my problem.

So I started thinking about what I have liked about the holidays in the past. Don’t get me wrong I don’t have evil childhood memories or anything like that. Santa was VERY good to me.

I always liked going to holiday parties.
I love dressing in red and green..velvet, velour.
Santa hats
Christmas music in the background.
I loved when my friend used to have everyone over and play board games.
I liked going caroling when I was younger.
I love sweaters and turtlenecks w/ cheesy Christmas things.
I like Christmas socks.
I love to receive presents more than give presents.
I like cheesy Christmasy/Hallmark specials on TV
I like childrens Christmas shows like Rudolf and The Year Without A Santa Clause
I love going to Mass on Christmas Eve
I like eating Ravioli on Christmas Day

As soon as I have a house large enough to entertain I am making people come to ME…I am going to open gifts with my family on Christmas Eve..I don’t want to go anywhere except Church on Christmas Eve…I want to open gifts then go to bed. Then in the morning I want to cook…I want people to come in and out of my house ALL day brining me presents….NO I mean eating food and having drinks and playing games and watching TV. That is what I want. Now there is barely room for the three of us and the three pets.. Next house I guess…. Yep..that is what I truley want.


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  1. I like to give more than I like to get! I like to have people over to my house as well! We don’t go anywhere over the holidays…you wanna see me? c’mon over!!
    I love our Christmas traditions!
    I love the Christmas movies!

  2. we once went on a cruise to avoid all the Christmas insanity. Now I have a schedule through 2020 of which grandparent gets us what year. with year 5 being ours. with the idea that when a grandparent dies, they bequeath us their year. I’m such a hard a$$ scrooge – comes from too many years of shuttling too many places when I was a kid.

  3. Hope you start feeling that warm feeling soon. I don’t think I have ever been asked what I want to do either. I can assure you though that my MIL would never ask that question. Do get me started on that.

  4. MP – this is a great post! I totally understand your feelings, and I truly hope that you get to do at least some of those things on Christmas!

  5. Ravioli on Christmas? Yep, you live on the hill. I never even knew about ravioli (toasted that is) until I was 15. And moved here. Do you also have Lasagna and Panetone bread?

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