MP Movie Review


You do not need a child to take some time out and see Enchanted! We took Drew this afternoon to a packed theater and laughed our booties off. This movie has everything. Patrick Dempsy, Pretty Princess, Talking Chipmunk, Wicked Step-Mother..singing, dancing…and roaches cleaning the living room. I guess it was a chick flick and would be best for “little girls” that adore princesses but it really has something for everyone. I’d love to see it again!

In other news…DID YOU SEE ARKANSAS UPSET LSU!!!!!!!! OMG!!!

So tomorrow’s game Mizzou VS Kansas is HUGE. The winner will move into the #1 spot! We had planned our afternoon around the game. Then of course they moved the game to 7pm..Primetime TV and all. Some friends were getting together but we couldn’t do both. We’re going to my MIL’s house w/ about 15 other family members..we’re calling it our “football Turkey burp”…We’ll eat any leftovers that they have and watch football. All except one of my step-brothers-in-law….who says that he must be home alone to watch the game..which I totally can appreciate.

It’s so COOL that today is only Friday! Gotta Love that!!


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