Pre-Thanksgiving Thankful Post..MP Style


OK, I bitched and moaned the other day and warned that I would be creating a Thankful post this week. Of course we are all thankful for the basics in life, we should live everyday thankful for our health, loved ones, roofs over our heads and food in our mouth’s. If we are NOT thankful and overlook and take for granted the obvious then karma is more than likely going to bite you in the ass..I’m just will also be moved to Santa’s naughty list.

SO I would like to make mention of the things that are the gravy in life that I am thankful for:

*My DVR that works. I FINALLY called Dish and threatened to rip their heads of if they didn’t fix my DVR so I could record my shows. I told the tech that I was ready to do whatever I had to so I could get that sob working. Yeah…I had to power it off and on to reset it. It works FINE now. I am now a much nicer person to live with since I don’t revolve my life around television.

*Gutenberg and his lovely invention. NO not Steve Guttenburg from The Police Academy Movies and Three Men and A Baby Fame…I’m talking ’bout the German guy who invented the printing press. I LOVE LOVE LURVE books. I like the Internet alot, don’t’ get me wrong. I just love having the paper in my hand..dust jacket falling off and that smell of the paper..It’s awesome.

*Running Water. I have mentioned this before. Turning on the faucet and drinking clean water. Taking a shower, a bath..flushing the toilet. Washing my clothes in a machine!! Watering my lawn, running in the sprinkler. Running Water is fricking AWESOME!!!

*Movie Theaters. This is a place where you can go and watch a movie on a huge screen. You can enjoy the laughter, tears and drama with other people who have chosen to be in that same room at the same time. They will sell you tons of yummy food like popcorn, icee’s, soda, candy, hot dogs, nachos. You can eat it in your SEAT then leave your garbage under your chair if you want. (yeah I do that, I’m those kids something to sweep up). Now of course this isn’t free but neither is the running water, books or dvr..this is about being Thankful not about being cheap.

* *Gold Peak Iced Tea DIET. I look forward to that time everyday when I can go to the fridge here at work and push aside the water and have my iced tea. It’s diet so I don’t even have to feel guilty. It tastes like Sweet Tea. The bottle is cool too and I feel cool drinking it. this was not a paid endorsement although if I were ever contacted by Gold Peak I would LOVE to do paid advertisement cause I could SELL this stuff. When I LOVE something I can sell it. I started selling it to the gal giving away free samples at the BBQ competition in KC..I wanted to make sure she understood, as well as everyone around the tasting booth that this was NOT the other stuff. This was quality tea a step above the other stuff. You have to watch out though, in a shopping bag the bottles can break easy.

* Flannel and Cotton. These are two fabrics that I love. They are like the comfort food of clothes. A little cotton or flannel added to a shirt, sweat pants, jammie pants… makes you want to relax.

Well that is just a COUPLE things. I could go on and on…and will at a later date. I plan to have Thanksgiving pictures tomorrow. Hopefully I can get the GD camera to work indoors, I’ve been having indoor issues. I’ve asked Santa for a new camera for Christmas. Hopefully I can be thankful for that new Canon, Nikon, Sony, Kodak gift on December 26th!!

..back to work.
..funk has lifted a bit and I can feel most of my face yet my lip is still a little goofy..


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  1. Aha! A Thankful post. That’ll be my post tonight or tomorrow! I did one last year and forgot about it for this year. Now, I have a baby girl!

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling better! Sounds like you have loads to be thankful this US Thanksgiving….I however am thankful that I made it the great WHITE north in one piece!
    Talk soon!

  3. Yes, water is something that I would be thankful for if it weren’t running so short here in GA. THANKFULLY, it is raining here today. Hopefully, we can go back to taking our rationed weekly baths now. :0

  4. I think my DVR in under appreciated. I think I’m going to go home tonight and let him know how happy he makes me. I will watch Heroes after Hubs goes to sleep.

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