movie day!


We were going to see the Bee Movie today but instead have decided we are going to see Fred Clause. I LOVE Vince Vaughn..hopefully this is good.

So far we’ve gone to church and I’ve been doing laundry. Nothing real exciting. Drew is watching Drake and Josh and J is in the bedroom watching the Rams.

Hopefully Mizzou will come out around 5th or 6th in the polls today. That was hysterical that Illinois beat Ohio St…Awesome! There were some of the best Anti Kansas T shirts yesterday. Bright gold shirt: Side one said KANSAS SUCKS, the reverse side said AND SWALLOWS TOO…
It suchs cause Kansas has had such a lame schedule and they are ranked higher. Well Mizzou Plays Kansas at a neutral site (KC) coming up in a few weeks, that will be interesting.

Go check out my pictures, they turned out pretty good!


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  1. I just wanted to say that I love your new masthead! It’s fabulous!!
    You are such a smart cookie!!!

    How was the movie? Aimee went to see the Bee Movie and said it was hilarious!

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