Story Time


I LOVE LOVE LOVE a good story. Some of my fellow bloggers have gotten to telling some really good stories right now. You can catch up if you would like to.

Linda just did part one and part two of how she went from a naive high school drop out teenager to a college educated mother of three…leaving a couple idiot’s in the dust.

Bossy has on the left side of her blog her family story in pictures.

Val has been posting her grandma’s diary..she’s gotten busy and hasn’t posted as much, but I know she’ll get back to it.. Grandma loves Grandpa SO much…you know they are going to get engaged soon. I also love Grandma’s diary.. for a weekend she’ll note that she washed her hair 🙂

Pioneer Woman has been posting about meeting the hunky Marboro Man. Can you believe she gave up Chicago and Starbucks??? Yeah..have you seen the pictures of MM?

Then there is Hot From the Furnace. We’re getting the first love/high school story. It’s a little steam. The finale there is on Monday so you have time to catch up.

Happy Reading…next time you hear from me I’ll be 41!!


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