Uuuggggg. I hate that the writers are on strike. It doesn’t bother me that the late night shows went to reruns…cause I really don’t watch them much anyway. It’s just that I don’t want my shows all interrupted. I remember last time this happened you had your reruns then boom new..and what was new and what was a rerun.

Of course they have shows already written so we are OK for a little while. I don’t know all of the details and I don’t really care. Just get it overwith…soon.

Speaking of TV, The Amazing Race started on Sunday. J and I were like little kids. We love the new teams. I’m routing hard for Grandpa and Grandson but I doubt the make it far, my other favorite was the Dad/Daughter team from Washington. “Who’s your daddy?”…we were cracking up.

Tonight is my TV night: NCIS and The Unit. I also have to run and pick up my glasses…got lenses in my other pair.

I have to get my drivers license renewed this week. I remember getting it 7 years ago thinking, “OMG I’ll be almost 41 when I have to get this renewed, SO OLD”…yeah..what a putz I was.

Umm..did you go over and see miss Slade and read her HYSTERICAL Sea World story? If not I command you to go to the previous post and click on the link and then leave her some lovin.

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  1. I am THE. BIGGEST. AMAZING RACE. FAN. EVER! Well, besides you, obviously. Yay…someone to discuss it with!

    At first I thought that they all seemed like a bunch of crazies from California, but I started liking a few of the couples halfway through. I like the father/daughter team and the team that came in first (don’t know their names yet). The goth team from New Orleans are a bit strange. Um, they’re married?

  2. LuLu…my are mistaken!!
    The GOTH couple who are “dating” are from Kentucky. The smart brother sister team are from New Orleans…shheeeshhh…get it right girl! 🙂
    The goth team is funny in their own rite, they seem handicapped in a sense.

  3. yet again, I just have to read the blogs to find out what’s up in the world – I’d wondered if the writers went on strike…

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