Seven Random Things


Another meme! Slouching Mom has a new meme that you can go steal! Seven Random things…and yes, you are reading this you are tagged. Let me know if you do it since I love reading these things as much as writing them.

1. Inspired by LuLu’s picture today; I have a Cabbage Patch Doll in the basement. His clothes hang in the closet. His name is Joel Chadwick. My dad’s cousins, Hazel and John gave him to me when I was around 11 or 12. They were so proud they were able to get one since there was a rush on them at the stores. I don’t think I appreciated their efforts as much as I should have. Hazel and John: If they have the Internet in heaven..THANKS!!

2. I’m obsessed now w/ Flickr. You see my little pictures over to the side. Yeah..if you go there leave me comments. I check my status a couple times a day on their popularity status. Crazy, I know.

3. I fall. All the time. Up the stairs, down the stairs, off the bed. I have ALWAYS been clumsy. Mom calls me “Grace”. If I’m not falling I’m knocking into things. I almost always have a bruise, cut or burn somewhere on my body. Right now it’s the burn scar on my right thumb. The oven gets hot, did you know that?

4. I don’t wear high heels. Ever. Ever. I am not quite 5’4″ but being “taller” even if it would make the clothes look better is not an option. Ever since I was little I couldn’t stand on heels. To this day I wobble and can’t walk normal. I’m talking about anything over 1 1/2″ or so. I am OK if it’s a big huge chunky thing…but I still can’t walk normal.

5. I get car sick yet I LOVE amusement park rides.

6. I dream the day we can pack our house and move away and start all over somewhere new. I think the challenge seems SO exciting. I’ve never really moved before. I’ve been SO stuck in my ways the only time I ever expand my horizons is in my imagination. I’m thinking maybe we’re on the 8-10 year plan. Depends on mom and dad though….and Yes knowing my mother she may be here at 92…well yesterday she said she wasn’t going to make it to Christmas. Why do old people aways think they are dying? Wow I’ve one off on a tangent. ….back on track…

7. Even though my nails are RUINED…I wish I had my overlays again. They looked so pretty. My torn cuticles and bitten nails look horrible. I swore though when I got the overlays off a couple years ago that I’d never put them on again, now I’m reconsidering.


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  1. i seriously miss my overlays! my nails are naturally long and kinda pretty, but there’s just no comparrison to overlays! i totally get car sick too…when i was a kid i lived on dramamine, and even now, unless i’m driving all bets are off! but i don’t do amusement park rides – never have!

    as for high heels, i LOVE them. they kill my feet and my back and make me look like the jolly green giant (i’m 5′ 8″ without them), but i LOVE them. i’ll teach you how to walk in them sometime!

    i too am a complete and total clutz. my name should be grace too…you should see the x-rays of my poor tailbone!

    oh, and when you decide to pack up and move somewhere new, move to abilene! it’s small but not too small and close enough to big cities for when you want to get away. it is definitely a different way of life ’round here! (people are still kinda polite!)

    and i’m so not telling you what my 2 favorite dolls were…although i think i’ve admitted it somewhere in my bloggy

  2. MP – I am back after a short absence, and as usual, you are chatty. Good Lord, it’s going to take me a week to catch up with your posts. But let me just dive in…

    Don’t you just love CPK’s? Joel Chadwick is an interesting name. Do you know that while we were visiting the CPK Hospital, they have actual births of these babies, and as soon as one is born, they ask the crowd to yell out a couple of names, and that’s how they name them? I really wanted to shout out Tootie, but GR wouldn’t let me.

    What the heck are overlays?

    I too am clumsy. I’m willing to bet more so than you. Actually, since my Halloween Extravaganza on Saturday, I’ve discovered 3 new bruises, a swollen ankle, and possible whiplash. Don’t ask me how…

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