hehe key still works…sorta


so, BBMP and Biddy have been emailing back and forth most of the afternoon chatting occasionally and i taught her 2 new blog tricks! good girl, BBMP! oh wait, you’re not Jack…nevermind.

anyway….so, i was gonna sneak in and make a lil change she wanted to do on her last post but i was stopped by the alarm system. dangitt. apparently i can come in and write all i want, but i can’t wiggle my way into MP’s territory…basically, i can look but not touch…damn…she must be on to me!

oh well, i’ll just let her test out her new skillz later…

and speaking of skillz, check out the awesomeness that is a biddy tutorial on how to embed links:

i know…i rock and bossy would be SO proud…


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