The LOST Class


Alive in ’85
I always felt we were a lost class, lost generation. There are a whole hell of a lot of us in the world, aren’t there? Why do I always feel that we were just pushed aside.

I had a few minutes and I was reading my favorite people’s commenter’s.. I found this chicky w/ this post and gave her a fist pump and a HELL YEAH! We not really but I was thinking it in my head. Read this:

In grade school I always felt the kids older and younger than me were cooler. When I made it to my freshman year I was told that I was “a freshman”..and had no rite to brag. Then I was a sophomore..kind of like being a middle child I guess. Then you aren’t quite a senior.. Then Senior Year. We made it, we’re here. Where? A high school kid, you aren’t in college!!

Next step is college. You aren’t cool, you can’t even get into a bar without a fake ID. All that schooling is over and then what do you have? NO experience. None, you are a newby in the workplace. You don’t know anything. How old are you? 23? Baby.

30, you think that is old? You are getting a little too old to run around anymore. Take you seriously? Oh for crying out loud you are only 30 years old. What do you know about life experiences. More money? How many times have you changed jobs asks the “old timer” boomer that has been in his job 25 years?

Ahh 40. Finally. The Boomer’s are collecting social security and the bosses are all in their 30’s. What happened? Where did we go? What happened, why has it never been OUR time?!

I remember I went with some old HS friends to a little reunion at our school. Mass and brunch. 20 years.. Who cares? They honored the 10 years..but not us when it was OUR 10 year. 2010 will be our 25th..will they recognize us then? Probably not, they will change to honor the 20 year reunion then.

It’s not that I’m really bitter, but wtf? The Boomers were the cherished group…I get that I guess. There are a bajillion of them. What about us? Lost era of babies born in the late 60’s??

Does everyone feel this way? Is it just me?


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  1. Um, I was born in 1970—graduated in 1988. Sorry – can’t help you much!

    However – I did just look at all of your photos from ARUBA! And now, it’s my turn to cry! Isn’t it a beautiful place! Did you stay at the Marriott? Or the adorable yellow place in the photo? That was funny the picture you took of “Jay’s Souveniers!”

    Oh, Lordy, makes me want to go back now! Guess I’ll have to live vicariously through your trip in March.

  2. Hey! I was born in 1966. We didn’t get the good years of history- We got the beginning of x-drugs and ? Now a days it is all focused towards teenager and younger… If your 40 something and not considering surgery, you’re not in… It is just inane the way society works!

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