MP Book TV and Techy Review!


TV: It has been YEARS since I’ve watched a half hour sitcom. For some reason though Samantha Who ? seemed interesting to me, plus I like Christina Applegate.
That was a darn funny show… a little thought provoking too.
Samantha gets dumped by her boyfriend. She’s a bitch. She has one superficial friends, she’s an alcoholic, she’s having an affair with a married man and she hasn’t spoken to her parents in 2 years.
Then she gets hit by a car, is out for 8 days. When she awakes all she can here is the Pina Colada song in her head and her mother video taping her in the hospital. There is a girl, Dina there plus mom and dad. Mom and Dad figure if they talk loud she’ll remember. Then she meets the boyfriend…who she doesn’t remember. By talking to him, Andrea her bff also a bitch…and Dina who was her friend in 7th grade..she realizes that she has a chance to do it all over again…reinvent who she is. Make better choices. The wise doorman of her building suggests starting at he beginning. Sam moves back with mom and dad; praying that they weren’t the ones that hit her with their car…she also crosses her fingers hoping she may be adopted. I will tune in next Monday! Funny stuff.

Book: This weekend I read The Thirteenth Tale. GREAT book. You can find it at Target or any bookstore. It’s a first novel and reads very well. I don’t want to tell you too much. If you like a beginning, middle and end…or like Jane Eyre or Wurthering Heights..this is the book for you. Margaret is a biographer and works in her dad’s shop. She is commissioned by and OLD author Ms Winter; to write her biography…the TRUE story. Great book!

Techy: iPod Touch. WAY COOL. I gave it to J last night. He was SO psyched. I got it synched..he needs to do that wi fi stuff. Internet, photos, videos, music..WAY COOL… did I say that already..well it is!

I stayed up playing with it, and iTunes way to late and I’m sleepy. I did make a new playlist and burn myself a new CD (J got iTunes cards too). I downloaded the new Duran Duran single, it’s pretty good. So on my ride to work I had: Duran Duran, Cake, Pink, Avril Lavine, Dead Kennedy’s, Green Day, George Harrison and Chaka Chan. 🙂


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  1. That’s such a wild variety of music! My husband is a HUGE DK fan but he would never in his 42 years listen to Avril! That’s mostly because he doesn’t recognize our girl from Napanee as being a real artist. I, like you appreciate a huge variety of music and I like your play list except for Chaka Chan (not a huge fan there)
    Glad J liked his new toy!

  2. I sooooo tried to watch Samantha Who? but I was too tangled up in my blog. And then a phone call. Sounds like I missed out!

    My new FAVORITE show is Carpoolers. It is so darned funny! It comes on Tuesdays at 8:30 after Cavemen.

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