Sweater Weather!


Oh yeah! I woke up this morning to take Jack out and about froze my booty off. It was around 45 degrees outside.

It was time to break out the NEW SWEATER!! Earlier this summer if you recall I hit the Dillards sale..take an extra 30% off. I found a sweater on the sales rack that I HAD to have. It’s a Susan Bristol PINK sweater w/ yellow, orange, pink and lime threads weaving through. It’s a cardigan w/ pretty mother of pearl type large ass shell sized buttons. I put this on OVER my white turtle neck.

I have to tell you I am SO psyched to have on closed toe shoes NOT sandals ; long pants NOT capri’s; Turtle neck and sweater NOT a T shirt. The air smells crisp too.

Now it’s going to get to 75 degrees this weekend but that is OK…we have Drew’s school Fair.

Well I’m going to have a busy day today. Work, Dad to the doctor..work again? then dog to vet.. they are also installing our new backdoor. We no longer will have an old TV against the door to keep out bad guys.

OK…I have work to do and blogs to read.


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  1. Hey hun…LOVE the new layout!!! The colour is very autumn and since that is my favourite season after winter, it’s right up my alley!!!!

    I love those autumn mornings when the air is crisp and you can smell the freshness, make me nostalgic for when I was younger!

    Thanks for your comment hun. I am okay.
    That post was more to say the things that a very dear friend of mine feels but doesn’t think she can say aloud….so I’ve decided to say them for her and take any karmic/religious/spiritual backlash…..ach, to be honest I’m not sure if it wasn’t as much for me to say those things aloud as it was for her……either way, thanks for caring sweetie. x

  2. The best part about fall finally being here? I can open ALL the windows and let that wonderfully cool, crisp air inside. LOVE IT.

  3. an old t.v. WHY didn’t i think of that? sheesh think of how much i could have been saving by not having to pay for the alarm system! oh and 45 degrees? yeah, we won’t see that till january…maybe…it definitely will not snow until easter

  4. Oh, how I love sweater weather! Of course the weather here in GA is so fickle…45 degress in the morning, and 90 before noon. You have to dress in layers here.

  5. I love this weather too as I can finally wear something that hides my fat body…lol

    Need a pic of that sweater.

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