Home Sweet Home


Well we will be home for a month before our next excursion. The camera is still somewhere in the car, J doesn’t feel like cleaning it out yet…but he has to since I have to return it tomorrow.

Brew N BBQ came in 4th place in brisket in the inventational. Let me ‘splain. 500+ teams compeated today. Saturday there were 100 of those teams that were invited to compete..the best of the best. They had all won a major event this past year. Chris’s team won the Lenexa BBQ so they were invited. The Matag Repair man (I shit you not) was annoucing the winners Saturday afternoon. The went through chicken and pork first…name was not called. Then as they got to brisket I was holding my breath, I knew that was his best catagory. They started at 15 and worked their way down..#4!! That was awesome…you realize this was a world championship. Last night J and I walked around and checked out some of the other teams. Unbeliveable..they should award some of these people just for their names. Boys of Tornado Ally, Jiggy Piggy..Pork til your Purple..YEAH…they were winners too. Last night they had a big party. We stayed for a while then went back to the house and watched the AWESOME Mizzou Game…YEAH>>>>>Ranked #11. OMG that was fun.
Tummy was a little upset this morning, I was worried about the 4 hour drive home…too much bbq and beer…I didn’t drink too much…it was just that I drank at all.

OK…we need to run to the grocery store. Jack’s going to be pissed he has to go in his kennel. He grew 473 inches while we were gone..how do they do that?

Can’t wait to share the pictures!


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