American Royal Here We Come


Got the rental car today…need to do laundry tonight and J will pack up the car. We’re off to the Americna Royal BBQ competition. From what I understand it’s the largest in the world. Over 500 teams compete. My BIL’s team is damn good…here’s hoping they ribbon..that will be SO cool for them. Personally I’m looking forward to eating the brisket..his is the best..well so is the pulled pork and the chicken.

We’re leaving from work tomorrow, getting Drew from school and driving to KC. We’re all staying w/ J’s sister. They have a rodeo and country bands (?? wtf ??)…I will be sticking near the food and music (non country). There is some big Canadian country KC why? Isn’t Texas and Oklahom a little closer. Oh well.

They have fireworks…I LOVE fireworks. Too bad I can’t get off work early so we get there before bedtime. Drew will want to play with his cousins but Aunt Suzie will lay down the law..there will be NO playing. Boys have early soccer too. When you are with J’s sister…you just do what she tells you. Everyone knows that. I just hope I get some sleep.

Last night..I walked! My friend emailed yesterday and we went walking for a while. I was so pooped I got home, at a bowl of Lucky Charms (the rest of the box) and watched Criminal Minds..I feel asleep during CSI NY… 😦 I FELL ASLEEP WATCHING ONE OF MY SHOWS. That usually does not ever happen. BB was tired girl.
So, if you watched CSI NY last night can you tell me what happened after they realized there was a bomb somewhere and they arrested the one Albanian guy??


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  1. Eh, no TV for me last night. Unless you consider the 10 minutes that I attempted to watch Andy Griffith with GR. I think that GR still thinks that the show is still in production.

    I hope that you are taking Jack with you to this BBQ thing.

  2. Jack is going to Grandma and Grandpa’s. No puppies since there will be a total of 10 adults, 3 children and 1 dog already in the house we’re staying…

  3. i watched it, but my dad was talking to me while making banana pudding and i was of course doped up, so no, i don’t remember what happened…crap

    oh, and you don’t like country music? i don’t think i can be your friend anymore!

  4. Argh, don’t tease me…I LOVE CSI (ny, miami, the original) and I don’t get to see it here……sob……well until I buy the whole series on dvd and watch it on a Friday night that is. xxxx

  5. I didn’t know the American Royal also had a BBQ competition! We typically go to the horse shows, because it’s a pretty big deal for this region as far as horse competitions go.

    Have fun! I love KC and grew up in Kansas, so going to KC always feel like going home.

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