Jack’s first storm!


It FINALLY rained. We figured it has been at least a month. I should have been in bed but instead I was finishing up this stupid Nicolas Sparks novel.. Dear John..don’t waste your time.

The last couple of storms have blown North and East of us and we were left high and dry. Last night when we were out at Drew’s soccer practice we could tell something was different. Planes routes were rerouted…there was SOMETHING out there. Sure enough a few hours after practice and a few miles north of there there were tornado’s, over turned tractor trailers, lightning… a few hours after that we ended up w/ a really nice soaking storm at our house.

I was sitting in bed w/ Jack sleeping at my side. KA BOOM…the first huge thunder, and Jack’s ears perked up, he looked at me like “mama, what the hell was that, should I be scared?”…I just put my hand around him and he sat their, silent and awake.

J asked if I wanted to go outside and watch since it was such a light show…well of course I did!! I carried Jack out w/ me and set him down on a dry spot on the patio. The rain was coming down hard and one more flash of light and clash of thunder and that little puppy bolted up the back stairs. We realized that was the first time he didn’t want to be right next to us. He was scared but never cried.

The rain chilled things off. This morning there was some light fog and it smelled like Fall. I’m hoping this rain will help w/ the change of colors on the leaves. They were just starting to die and drop 😦

I’m still guest blogging over at Biddy’s. Nothing exciting. She’s in the hospital. Sounds like it’s her back. Do they give you Valium for that? My doctor has never given me more than Tylenol.. I take it that is good stuff.


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  1. Oh, I didn’t know Biddy was in the hospital! I’ll have to go over to her blog and send her good wishes.

    Look, don’t be taking my future SIL out in the rain. He might catch the sweating disease or something…

  2. I was so, so happy when the storms rolled in last night. I almost went outside and danced in the rain, but I was already in my pj’s.

    I have one dog who is scared of storms, he is a big black lab and NEEDS to be practically in your lap when it starts thundering. Big chicken.

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