Oh What A Day


Friday and Saturday night bedtime couldn’t come soon enough. I was pooped!! And pooping, thanks for asking.

I watched my shows last night then downloaded NCIS on iTunes since my computer and cbs.com wouldn’t jive. Then Jack, Patches and I got under the covers. Then I got up to pee..then I forgot to set the alarm..then I had to blow my nose. I just laid there.
Then I was thinking about how busy I’d be today. Would B start maternity leave? Would someone help with phones and quoting.
Finally J says ” take a nighttime pill”…Oh yeah and I had cramps. So I took a Tylenol PM..just one. I was OUT..and dreaming…and sleeping then there comes the alarm. It felt like 30 minutes although it had been a whole 4 hours.

I got to work by 7:20 and the day began. Quotes and the phone…and transferring calls, “MP do this, do that”..emails and quotes and phones..until 5:10…I headed up a chicken fried rice meal that sucked..it was soggy.

I am so hungry but we don’t have any food. J is finishing cutting the grass then we’re going to go to the grocery store.

We bought Jack a crate. We had been sending him to my mom’s or my neighbors EVERY time we had to go out…we figured in short periods he’ll survive. He’s getting a “little big man” complex. He thinks he’s all that and a bag of chips. He keeps that up and Bindi is going to break off the engagement.

OK…I just stepped in pee on my way to get Lucky Charms…FYI..puppy training is Oct 17th.

I have 2 sick cousins. One is just a couple years older than me the other is 50..cancer and a heart attack. That stuff sucks…ALOT… Hopefully everything works out..all you can do is wait and see.
I ran into one of their mom’s this weekend and the other cousin told me face to face at our parish picnic…she has known for months and is just now coming to grips w/ the C word. Not enough close people in her life to push her to do things quicker.

We’re off to KC this weekend. Tonight is grocery store, tomorrow is soccer practice..then I have my shows on. Tonight was Weight Watchers but I just didn’t have it in me to go..like I said I’m pooped.

Did you know that w/out the marshmallows Lucky Charms tastes like Alphabits..I don’t think they make those anymore.

Beautiful Indian Summer…I hope it lasts though this weekend.


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  1. Busy little bee aren’t ya! I can see why you are tired! I just found out that one of my cousins was diagnosed with colon cancer a couple of weeks ago as well. That C word seems to be around everywhere!
    Have a great day Mary Pat!

  2. Did you take a breath after you said all of that? Geez…

    As far as the little big man complex, Bindi will nip that shiznit in the bud. And I do mean nip, because that’s all she seems to be doing lately. I must enroll her in etiquette training, as well. And soon.

    Mmm…you know about me and Lucky Charms. NEVAH compare them to Alphabits or remove the marshmallows.

    Have fun in KC this weekend, and have an Amaretto Sour for me. Seems as if you travel as much as I do…

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