so, mary pat has no idea i’m still here (and she hasn’t asked for my key back). i kind of dove under the bed when i heard her yelling something about no booze and roasted vuy jay jay stankiness…

and then i fell asleep. i’m surprised jackaroo hasn’t found me and humped my head yet. not that i’m complainin or nothin….

welp, it’s pretty cozy under here, but now that MP is off to beddy bye (i don’t know if the snoring is her or j, but let me just say daaaaang), i should probably take this opportunity to run like hell slip out quietly.

but not before i leave a few of these in the back yard:


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  1. Thankyou for the comment sweetie…here, have a cocktail on me….just for you, I had the stripping firemen make a Mojito…..with fresh mint leaves too….however, I also have vanilla cosmopolitans and blue champagnes on the go….you, my friend can have all 3 if you want!!!!!

    Have a GREAT weekend!!!!

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