I’m pooped! I have TONS of stories…from Penthouses Suites, Plays, Dinners, Work, Heat, KC Royals, Food and Constipation.

I have pictures galore!

I have tons of work to do this morning so I’ll post more later. I just wanted to stop in and say that it’s good to be back home.

Speaking of Home:
When we got home Jack freaked out..sniffing all over the place. He caught Bindi’s scent! He is SO excited about the upcoming nuptuals!! He is getting his groove on in a BIG way. I have to admit that he has grown since we were gone..and now only one ear sticks up. He has also started to sport a ‘stash.
There is NO booze in the house…I’ve been cleaned out!
Someone did all the lundry left over…awesome…
The bathroom was clean..but no TP….

Jack keeps humping the couch..there is a strange scent of roast beef that he can’t get enough of.

Thank you Miss Biddy and Mrs Lulu for taking care of the place while I was gone.

I didn’t celebrate my 100th on my old blog…thank’s Biddy for catching that!

More to come…I promise!


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  1. Welcome Home, I missed you! Your guest bloggers were very funny but they weren’t you!
    Can’t wait to hear all about your adventures away!!

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