I remember


6 years ago today I was still freaking over the diagnosis of one of my best friends. They told him he didn’t have something simple like a brain tumor..he had ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease. That was 9-8-01. He was a co-worker also. On the 11th J thought it would be nice if I brought donuts to work.

We had one car at the time and he was taking me to work. We got the donuts and were going down Hampton. We had on a talk show on FM, it was JC and Karen (a girl from HS)..the had a tv in their studio and they gave play by play, initially thinking out loud that a small plane went off course and hit the World Trade Building in NY.

J and I talked in the car and said, “ooo I be people are dead after that”..then we were puzzled after they said it might be a big plane.

I went to work w/ my donuts and eventually we had a tv and were watching what was going on. I remember going out for a smoke and telling the ladies at the daycare 2 doors down that a plane just hit the Pentagon.

There were only fighter jets in the air. We’re near Scott Air force Base so many were flying in and out.

I talked to people that day, vendors mostly … we didn’t do much work.

That night J and I were glued to the TV….we went in spurts of just watching and talking and analyzing what was going on.

6 days later I had to fly to Las Vegas for work. Las Vegas was like a ghost town. It was SO strange.

I stayed home from work today.(I think it was bad chicken yesterday)….I was outside in the yard w/ Jack, laying there looking at the clear blue sky…the feel of autumn in the air…wondering how 6 years could go by so quickly.

Could that have been 6 years ago that Jim was diagnosed..was it really that long ago..or was it ONLY 6 years ago. I guess 9/11 is our Pearl Harbor or assassination of JFK.. I always thought in my life the Challenger disaster would be our thing..I remember that too. I was in Fulton, MO at the time and had just walked in my dorm when we watched it on TV… Then there was the Persian Gulf War…I never thought after Vietnam there would be a war again..I was wrong.
This time I hope I’m right. I hope 9/11 is it.. I hope our children’s generation don’t have anything..maybe for them it will be all good..we can only pray.


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  1. It sucks having to experience suck evil or devestating history making events. I’m 28 and I think about stories I’ll tell my baby girl when she gets older.

  2. When we do look back at the world events in our lives we can only do two things….be thankful for our health and happiness and pray for those affected directly by the event.
    For me in here in Canada, I was a spectator being thankful and doing a lot of praying! Our children and theirs will do the same.

  3. It was our generation’s “Pearl Harbor.” Our day that will live in infamy.

    I was working at home that morning, and my husband turned on the television and told me that a building was on fire in NY. Then, as the story unraveled, I became very scared. There were commercial planes still in the air. I was tempted to go to my son’s school to check him out…not knowing what would happen next. Such an indescribable day…

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