Finally Raining!!


We haven’t gotten ANY of the storms that have been streaming through the midwest. We’re pretty much having a drought. Lawns are burning up and we went back to that 100 degree temperature.

Today the relief!

We’ve already lost power here..I moaned, “I can’t see my popcorn”..which was vital since I had burnt half of it and couldn’t see the dark kernals. One smarty pants yelled, “I’m running to the iPod cage”..which we have in our warehouse. Poor warehouse guys don’t have power back yet though the rest of us do.

We really need this rain, I just hope we don’t lose power at home. What do you do w/ an 8 year old when the power is out? And it’s dark? I’d say go to sleep but you know that isn’t happening.

I’m going to enjoy the down time by going up to the front window and watching the storm!


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  1. I was SO happy when it started raining…my only complaint is we didn’t get enough rain. My pastures/yard is already dry again. We need at least three days of a good, drenching rain to get out of this horrible drought.

    When the power goes out at our house, we light candles and play a board game or cards. The six-year-old LOVES it when the power goes out! It’s like “playing pioneer,” she says. Yeah, we’re dorks.

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