MP Chick Flick Review


Well we went to see Becoming Jane last night.
:::BIG SIGH:::
I loved this movie. I love Jane Austen’s writings, all the movie’s made from her books and anything that is set in that time period.

This movie is fiction but based on the life of Jane Austen. It begins when she is already writing but not published.

You follow Jane’s life, her loves, triumphs and heartbreaks all which inspire her characters that we love. Mr Darcy, Knightly, Emma, Elizabeth… OK, I had to take in another deep breath.

So, you found me out, I am actually a huge sap and big romantic. I just love the romantic comedies that Jane Austen wrote. I was turned on to Pride and Prejudice when I was young; preteen…I thought, “Man this is funny!”. I wanted to BE Elizabeth..same as I wanted to be Jo in Little Women and Laura in Little House..well I wanted to be them but I would like to ad running water, indoor plumbing and AC.

I would highly recommend this movie if you are a freak like me.

In preview news: The Kite Runner is coming out on film; if you have been meaning to read it like me I’d get a move on before the movie comes out.
Exciting news #2..Elizabeth The Golden Years is coming out. Oh takes off where Cate left off in the original Elizabeth movie 10 years ago..or whenever that was. It looks AWESOME! We all know Elizabeth one the only one of Henry’s daughters w/ balls. I have a feeling I’ll be seeing this one on my own, my mil wasn’t thrilled and I know J won’t go with me. One site of the Spanish Armada and he’ll be sneaking out to go to Pottery Barn. As a side note; I did see the first Elizabeth by myself. It was at the single HiPoint Theater and I noticed there were many people there alone; oddly it was a bit like being in a skin flick. I love how you get there and there are all these nerdy people sitting alone reading books…I was one of them. The only real benefit of seeing a movie with someone is that you can talk about it later.

In side news: Looks like we may be getting that puppy I talked about weeks ago..seems the brotherinlaw person decided he couldn’t take care of 2 puppies. The plan is the old sisters drive to Godfrey and pick him up and we go over and get him on Saturday evening. News to follow…


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  1. Taking your advice and going to the movies this weekend. It will likely be by myself as well! I think we should plan the the next alone chick flick nite and then get on line to talk about instead of having no one to talk to about it! Something to think about….

  2. Wait…the new puppy! FUN!!! Puppies are great but they pee alot! Taking care of them sucks but they bring alot of joy! Hmmm, something like babies I guess!

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