Technology is Bitchen


So, I figured out Digg. This weekend I visited Crystal at Boobs,Injuries and Dr Pepper..see link at the side.

There was a party going on due to someone posting one of HER posts on Digg. Everything Crystal writes about is pretty damn funny..either about her dogs, her ginormous boobs, her husband, church, kids etc. Anyway, someone linked her post about her teenage son and the comdoms..This caused everything from…”you are hurting your teenager” to “you are the funniest person EVER”.. Do I looked into this Digg thing…I actually have stories on the side. This darn internet is SO fricking huge I think sometimes we miss out on some really great stuff. I figured out that if you are reading a story you can just click Digg It…and sign on. You can add it out their for all the Digg people to read and make it a blog story.
Am I really weird for JUST figuring this out?

So, we didn’t go to Sedalia..we had quite a relaxing weekend and were able to get things accomplished that needed to…along w/ sucking up to mom and dad since this Saturday I will for SURE have to miss church since Drew has a soccer tournament.
For HOURS J milled around..did his J stuff and I read, played on iTunes and played Majohng..well AND did laundry, grocery shopped, went shopping etc.

We have 444 songs on our nano..that is MINUS the Christmas music. I started playing them on the Sound Dock in alphabetical order…WOW was that fun. Kathering McPhee, Sting, Bette Midler, Green Day etc… The mix was crazy. J really liked I Say A Little Prayer For You followed by I Walk The Line.

Tonight is Open House at Drew’s school. I need to get the particulars on that.

I have read a few books and need to add them to my list. One in particular that was a REALLY great read is Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen!! Briefly: 90 something year old man in a nursing home anticiapates an afternoon with his family at the circus and reflects on his years with the traveling “train” circus in the early 1930’s. I must tell you, I normally HATE the circus..have since I was a small child…but I LOVED this story and it’s characters!


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  1. I totally commented on someone else’s page thinking it was yours. Wooops.

    Oh well.

    I love love love the Jodi Piccoult book and have great plans to read the rest tonite in my jammies. It is 61 degrees and raining here. Perfect for a nite of reading!

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