Survived another day!


Well we survived soccer practice. You would have thought that I played. There was NO, ZERO Shade at this park. The little 2nd graders played from 6:30 – 8pm. They had quite a few water breaks.

The end is near though. Today is going to be a little worse, high of 103 then it will start to go down. I found this at
But it could be worse. Back in 1934, the high reading in St. Louis for today’s date was 108. (On the other end of the scale, the record low for Aug. 8 is 53 degrees, set in 1976.)

Poor Drewby was SO red, we’re talking cherry red. Coach said, “Buddy you doin’ OK?”.
Drew responded: “I’ve been doin’ this for 4 years!”

I have GOT to get some grocery shopping down tonight. I didn’t have anything in the house to bring to work for lunch today. Tomorrow night we’re going to the American Idol concert. Woo Hoo. Drew is SO psyched to see Blake Lewis perform. J said our seats are pretty good this year. Of course next weekend we’re going to the Missouri State Fair and J and I are doing a meet and greet w/ the Idols. That is what I won from TV Guide. (I wrote an essay)

This weekend may be a movie weekend too. I think we’ll see Underdog. That looks cute. How can you lose when you have talking dogs.
Speaking of movie’s..May 9th Speed Racer comes out.. Yeah I know that is almost a year away but I am very excited. John Goodman is playing Pops. I wonder what they are going to do w/ Chim Chim..a real monkey? Computerized? I LOVED that show growing up.

Guess I better work..we really are picking up in volumes today. I have so many blogs to read, work to do and phones to answer. Another day in paradise 🙂


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  1. oh man i wanna gooooooo! i heart american idol!

    oh, and after last night, i’m fairly certain i might just drive to st. louis to give you a puppy…or two

  2. We’ve been experiencing some of that heat up here in the great north as well! Too hot to do anything! Air conditioning can’t keep up! Weather broke and we are back in normal summer temps today with a nice breeze and no humidity…it almost feels chilly!
    American Idols huh…my kids went and saw them the year the geeky guy got beat out..Clay whatever his name was.

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