Ramdom Tuesday Thougts


1. Summer TV is pretty good. We watch Big Brother together. Then Sunday I watch The 4400 and Dead Zone. Monday I watch The Closer and Saving Grace.
Just enough TV for summer.

2. If magic was real, and I could do a protonus spell I think mine would be a cat.

3. How much sperm does it take to artificially inseminate a Rhino?

4. What happened to that darling little Lindsy Lohan from the remake of Parent Trap?

5. How do you think that you are going to get away with killing someone when you stuff their dead body in your closet…and you still live w/ mom and dad. (idio in florida)

Weird, I know. I’m still “by myself”. The girl came back from vacation yesterday then left by noon puking her guts out. Flu..and she’s pregnant. Fun.


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