I need free pretties


If anyone knows anywone that will do free graphic email thingies so I can make mine look pretty I’m open to it!! Lemme know!

Also, mom called freaking out today. She has a FREE PUPPY for us. She couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t make a decision without talking it over w/ my husband. Mom’s friend’s sister has Chi-Chon’s. At least I think that is it. Her frisky little Bichon got together with her sons’s Chihauhau and made babies. They have 4 and they are GIVING THEM AWAY! Do you think someone should tell them they retail for over $1000??? They are thinking they are just mistakes. Anyway, she wants us to have a puppy and has promised to baby sit whenever we go out. The lack of somewhere to put the dog when we’re gone is the main reason we haven’t gotten one.

We’ll see what happens, I’ll keep you posted.


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  1. i love bichons! but chihuahuas…ick they remind me of rats…

    they really sell for that much?!?! excuse me while i go find a chihuahua to mate with my grandmother’s bichon….

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